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Following can be offered subject unsold ;

> We have seafrozen whole round ungutted redfish seb marinus and seb

> mentella for promte ordering and loading

> Not anti oxident treated.

> Average weight of the marinus 1200gr and the mentella 650gr

> USD 2,75 CFR

> 4-5 tonn N cut redfish seb Marinus, size 1 kg +, seafrozen, not treated.

> Average weight 1,6kg

> USD 4,60 CFR Randomweight blocks

> Norwegian origin catch certficat.

> Time / period of catching: The last three months.

> In total are we talking about some 54 tons or 2x40reefers.

> Subject unsold and transported as FCL 40reefer containers.

> offer valid for 48 hours


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