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we are able to offer 1 x 40 feets container of seb marinus and 2 x 40 feets container of seb mentella, aprox 4 x 27 tonn

Whole round ungutted atlantic redfish seb mentella, size average of fish are 650 gr, (500 gr +) and seb marinus 700 gr + average of fish aprox 1300 gr

Random weight blocks 18-24 kg net, sold on net pallet weight

We can also do a combination 1 x 40 feets container of Marinus WR 23 tonn, J cut marinus, size 150-300 gr/ 300-500 gr aprox 3 tonn, H/G N Cut, seb Marinus under 1 kg aprox 2 tonn

All norwegian origin, new fish from 2012

Subject to unsold.


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