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offers from Iceland

offers from Iceland:


(Common Dab wr ( limanda limanda),halibut,Whole round American Plaice Hippoglossoides platessoides ,Whole round Skate Raja radiata

Wolffish heads +/- 1 kg Anarhichas lupus ,Spotted Wolffish heads +/- 1,5 kg Anarhichas minor Wolffish Anarhichas minor and spotted wolfish Anarhichas minor collarbones

Northern Wolffish Anarhichas denticulatus headed or whole 2 kg +,Whole Round Redfish Sebastes Viviparus W/R 100-300 g average

Cod Gadus morhua Stomach , turned and cleaned 15 cm + ,Cod Gadus morhua Maw , frozen ,Cod Gadus morhua liver , frozen at -35°c

Herring Clupea Harengus ungraded 250g + , 300g + 350g+,Mackerel Scomber scombrus,dogfish,different fish heads etc)


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