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How to identify the freshest fish on the market?

Did you know that choosing fresh fish is simpler than you think? From the texture to the aroma, every detail counts to guarantee the best quality on your table. Discover with us how to select the freshest fish; Read on and visit YULYFISH to explore our premium options.

Key characteristics of fresh fish

Appearance: bright and clean

When it comes to identifying a top-fresh fish, its exterior appearance says it all. The skin of a fresh specimen should shine and capture the light, exhibiting a natural shine and vivid colors characteristic of the species. If you come across a fish whose skin appears dull or discolored, this could be a sign that it has been kept for a longer period than ideal.

Additionally, a good indication of freshness is the absence of unusual spots or marks on the skin, which can alter both the appearance and quality of the fish. Opting for those that maintain their natural beauty not only guarantees a higher quality product, but also promises a superior flavor when it is brought to your table.

Eyes: the mirror of freshness

The vitality of a fish can be observed with the naked eye through its eyes, which act as true mirrors of its freshness. To ensure you are choosing the best fish, look for those whose eyes are clear, shiny and protrude slightly, signs that the product is at its best.

Eyes that appear cloudy or sunken usually indicate that the fish has begun to degrade and therefore may not be the best choice to consume. Choosing fish with clear, lively eyes is not only an indication of quality, but it also ensures that you are bringing home a food that is at its best in terms of flavor and texture.

Feel the firmness with a simple touch

Assessing the freshness of a fish can be as simple as a light touch. A fish in optimal condition has firm flesh that, when pressed, immediately returns to its original state. If when you press you notice that the impression of your finger remains, it is a sign that the fish may have lost its initial freshness.

This quick and effective method applies to both whole fish and fillets, and is an excellent technique to ensure you are selecting a high-quality product. Remember, truly fresh fish will not only improve the flavor of your dishes, but will also offer a richer nutritional profile.

Scales and their adhesion

A distinctive characteristic of a fresh fish is the condition of its scales. These should be firmly adhered to your body, showing a healthy appearance and without signs of wear. When the scales peel off easily or appear dry and dehydrated, the fish is probably not at its freshest and may have passed too much time since it was caught.

This simple indication will help you ensure that the fish you choose is of the best quality and freshness. Including fresh fish in your diet not only enriches your meals with more intense and pleasant flavors, but also provides you with essential nutrients in their most beneficial form.

What does fresh fish smell like?

It is a common myth to think that fresh fish has a strong and penetrating smell. In reality, if you are in front of a freshly caught fish, its aroma will be subtle and pleasant, evoking the freshness of the sea with a slightly saline touch. A fish that smells intensely "fishy" or emits an ammoniacal odor, on the other hand, is a clear indication that its freshness is compromised and it could be in the process of decomposition.

The aroma of a fish can be an excellent indicator of its quality and condition. When selecting fish, take a moment to smell it and make sure it brings to mind an ocean breeze, not an overpowering or unpleasant smell. This small gesture can be the key to avoiding bringing home an inferior product that could affect the taste of your dishes and, potentially, your health.

Incorporating fresh fish into your diet not only enriches your culinary experiences, but also provides significant health benefits thanks to its high levels of omega-3s, protein and other essential nutrients. Learning to correctly identify the freshness of fish through its aroma will allow you to fully enjoy these benefits, ensuring that you consume the best that the sea has to offer. e

The status of the fish stall

When purchasing fish, it is crucial to not only examine the product but also the environment where the purchase is made. A reliable fish supplier is known for keeping their sales space spotless and ensuring that all their products are properly refrigerated or preserved on fresh ice. Observing how the seller handles the fish will give you valuable clues about its freshness and quality.

It is important to pay attention to details such as the organization of the place and general cleanliness, since these aspects reflect the care and professionalism with which the food is treated. A tidy and clean environment is not only more attractive, but is also an indicator that products are handled according to high hygiene standards.

So, the next time you visit your favorite seafood store, take a moment to evaluate not only the fish you want to buy, but also the environment in which it is sold. This will help ensure that you are bringing home a high-quality product that is safe and delicious for your family.

Questions for the fishmonger

Don't hesitate to ask the fishmonger about the origin of the fish, its date of capture, and best practices for storing it. A trusted professional will be willing to share this information and help you make the best selection.

Buy freshness at YULYFISH

Choosing fresh fish doesn't have to be complicated. By following these tips, you can ensure that you bring home a high-quality product that will make your dishes not only delicious, but also nutritious. At YULYFISH, we are committed to offering you only the freshest fish, straight from the sea to your table. Ready to enjoy the true taste of the sea? Contact us.


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