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Hake fillets and hake products,Namibia,South Africa

All Namibian products have a “EURO 1” and is duty free into the EU.

Products from our South African factory has a “A Form” and it carries a limited duty into the EU depending on the product

Hake fillets 2-4 5kg IWP

Hake fillets 4-6 5kg IWP

Hake fillets 6-8 5kg IWP

Hake fillets 8-12 5kg IWP

Moulded loins 80-120g 5kg IWP

Hake H&G 150-300 5kg INT

Hake H&G 300-500 10kg INT

Fish fingers 5kg layer packed

Hake fillet shapes(trapezoids) 9kg layer packed



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