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greenland halibut,heads and j cut




We can offer following,subject unsold;

Landfrozen from june 2013 in cartons of aprox 20 kg +/-

Norwegian origin, caught by longline and net in sone 27 FAO.

Frozen gr halibut heads N Cut.

0-300 gr 5 tonn

300-500 gr 7 tonn

500 gr+ 5 tonn


J cut seafrozen, tail on/of in randomweight blocks, trawl cought

0-1 kg 5 tonn


J cut heads, collarbone/belly on in randomweight

0-300 gr 1 tonn

300-500 gr 1,3 tonn

500 gr + 1 tonn


CFR Haiphong, Vietnamor Chinese ports


Subject to unsold and final confirmation.


Note the N-cut is landfrozen and tail on.


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