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we can load 15 tonn redfish marinus N cut and J cut.

We can fill up With Whole round marinus, or J cut mentella average 300 gr

or wr silver smelt!!!!


1,Seafrozen seb Marinus in randomweight Blocks


N cut size 1 kg - average aprox 700 gr 9212 kg

N cut size 1 kg + average 1,2 kg 754 kg

J cut size mix average 800 gr 1419 kg

J cut size 300-500 gr average 400 gr 392 kg

J cut size 500-700 gr average 600 gr 1998 kg

J cut size 700 gr + average 1,1 kg 1059 kg

total aprox 15 tonn


fill up With 7 tonn of other items




2.J CUT Marinus NEW LOT

9 tonn available of seafrozen redfish seb marinus J cut in randomweight Blocks

Average size 500 gr

3 tonn avarage size 1000 gr 


3,seafrozen catfish H/G grey/spotted 


4,seafrozen redfish marinus Whole round 


5,seafrozen silver smelt Whole round Euro 


All Norwegian


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