YULYFISH was established to supply the best fish & seafood

          The main offices are located in Cape Town,South Africa and Spain

We work mainly with fish from Spain,Morocco,Mauritania,Senegal,Russia,China,

 Thailand,Chile,Ecuador,Argentina,Iceland,Norway,South Africa,Namibia etc

With years of experience in the market we became a leader

All fish products recieve from the vessels direct

YULYFISH has available seafood from all waters and oceans of the world(fresh/frozen)

We source,import and provide more then 200 different types of the fish from more then 150 countries

And with every delivery  we have one goal-earning your trust every day

Customer satisfaction and quality come first! 


                                           PRODUCT RANGE

Atlantic Cod Gadus Morhua ,Anchovies,Angelfish,Brill  Scopthalmus rhombus,

Barracuda,Black Tiger shrimps, Cuttlefish, Calamari  tubes, strips, steaks,  fillets, Capelin,Caviar,Crill,Crayfish Astacus astacus, Dover sole (fresh) Solea solea,Dey fish,Eel Anguillla anguilla, Flounder Platicthys flesus,Greymullet (Thicklip) Chelon labrosus,

Jack mackerel,Haddock Melangrammus aeglefinus,Hake Merluccius merluccius ,Hake merluccius capensis,paradoxus,Halibut (white) Hippoglossus,Herring, hippoglossus,

Halibut black (Greenland) ,Horse mackerel(trachurus trachurus),Reinhardtius Hippoglossoidus,Kingklip,Langoustines Nephrobs Norvegicus,Lemonsole Microstomus Kitt,Lobster Canadian Homarus americanos ,Lobster European Homarus gammarus,

Lobster Jesus Lalandi,Mackerel (Atlantic) Scomber scombrus, scomber japonicus,Mahi

Mahi Coryphaena hippurus,Marlin white Tetrapturus albidus ,Monkfish Squatina squatina,Mussle Blue Mytilus edulis ,Milkfish,Octopus vulgaris,Pangasius 

Hypophthalmus(Basa Fish) ,Pike-perch Stizostedion lucioperca,Plaice, Pleuronectes Platessa Red Mullet, striped mullet Mullus barbatus,Redfish Sebastes marinus, Sebastes Viviparus,Saithe Pollachius virens,Sardine longiceps,Seaweed,Squid,Salmon trout,Salmo trutta Salmon, Sardine pilchardus,Sardinella EBA,Maderensis,Aurita,Scottish or Norwegian Salmo salar,Seabass Dicentrargus labrax ,Shrimps,Seabream farmed (Royal) Sparus Auratus,Seabream wild (Pink), Pagellus erythrinus Skate Rajidae fam,Swordfish Xiphias gladius ,Tilapia,Tub Gurnard ,Trigla lucerna,Tongue sole,Tuna Thunnus Albacares ,Turbot Psetta maxima ,Yellowtail,Wolffish Anarhichas lupus etc